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1. General Questions about the website

No. The customers are the ones who will go to where their Bake and Churn orders are located.
The customers are the ones who will choose the branch they want to pick up their order.
The employee in charge of the stall shall be the one responsible for the order to be picked up.
The customer will be able to pick up their orders depending on the date and the time that they stated in the order page.
Having an account is not required. Customers can order their desired Bake and Churn products by using a guest account. Given that they must input their full details.
Customers will be given 3 days prior to the pick-up date of their orders. Unclaimed orders will be considered invalid.
Yes, the website is available on android and IOS phones, as long as you have an internet access. Visit our website and order your favorite cake!
A message will be sent to you regarding the validation of your order. For cancellation or changing of order, you can contact the given number in the validation message.
No. Customers can only pay via cash on where their desired branch is located.
Unfortunately, cake customization is not available just yet, but customers can send suggestions to improve Bake and Churn and its products.

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